At Ultimate Practice Builder, we have developed an array of programs to fit any need, whether you seek consulting and coaching services, need help with your medical billing, or you are looking for a partner to take stock in your success—we have the answers you need to turn your practice into a joyful and profitable business.

Dr. David Zahaluk knows that every year countless physician practices fail, needlessly. Physicians are stereotypically bad business people – but it’s not their fault.

From the beginning of a physician’s career, they are overwhelmed with massive and ever-changing amounts of clinical information. Information they must master to protect the lives of their patients.

Ironically, physicians receive no formal business training in medical school or residency. Yet they are thrust into a small business the minute they enter practice.

Dr. Zahaluk is passionate about providing physician support. Not sure where to begin? Email us for a free consultation: just click here to ask Dr. Zahaluk your most burning question – no strings attached!   Our caring staff is ready to help you find the right tools to help you succeed in every area of your practice!