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My New Favorite Airline

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011
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Goodbye American. Hello Virgin American. I’m hooked after one trip. Richard Branson has created a memorable customer experience with his airline.

Even though I try to leave enough time for my return flight, invariably I’m rushed and a little worried I’ll miss it. So as I hustled up to the ticket counter at LAX, I felt like I was walking into a chic trendy club. Boz Scaggs music played at more than background levels (followed by Curtis Mayfield, you can’t beat that). The usual bright airport lights were replaced by little red lamps hanging from the ceiling. Instead of the typical annoyed, frustrated ticket agents, these people seemed to be having a good time. Totally different from what I’m used to.

Oh and every seat has its own tv screen and remote. You can use this screen to watch regular tv, premium cable channels, movies, play games, track trip progress, surf the web, answer email and even order drinks and snacks.

Why would I ever go back to the usual experience of being on a giant bus in the air when I can be part of something that is much, much cooler and way more fun? 

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