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Your Most Underutilized Asset

Saturday, September 17th, 2011
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Your subconscious mind is an amazingly powerful tool to help you reach your goals.  Whatever you’re struggling with, whatever your stuck on your subconscious mind has the creative genius to help you find the answer.

Here’s a way to use your subconscious mind:

Choose a list of 10 goals you would like to accomplish within the next year. Every day write down the same list of goals in the first person stated as though they were already accomplished by a certain date.

Don’t say “I want to quit smoking.”  Instead say, “I am a non-smoker by December 1, 2009.”  Or say “I earn $300,000 annualized net income from my practice by March 1, 2012.”

Your subconscious mind lacks the ability to refute these messages.  It takes these statements as fact and goes to work trying to resolve the tension between our current and future reality.

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